1841 State St - Currently Rented! Check Back Soon

1841 State St - Currently Rented! Check Back Soon

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1841 State St. is a remarkable gem in the heart of East Anchorage, Alaska! It's an option offered by Eisberg Properties as part of our exclusive long-term home rental offering in Anchorage. This single-family home is designed to surpass your expectations and elevate your lifestyle.

With three beautifully appointed bedrooms, two and a half luxurious bathrooms, and a generous 1920 square feet of living space, this residential masterpiece embodies comfort and elegance. The thoughtfully curated details and modern finishes throughout create an atmosphere that feels both inviting and sophisticated.

What sets 1841 State St. apart from the rest is its impeccable location. Situated in the vibrant city of Anchorage, you'll have access to an abundant array of amenities, including dining, premier shopping destinations, and breathtaking natural landscapes just a short distance away. This home offers the perfect balance between urban convenience and scenic tranquility.

Start living the life you deserve by engaging with us today. Contact Eisberg Properties to schedule a viewing or to inquire about this exceptional property. Don't miss the opportunity to make 1841 State St. your home—a sanctuary that combines contemporary luxury with the allure of urban living.

Experience the extraordinary at 1841 State St. and discover the epitome of refined living in Anchorage. Call us now and embark on a journey towards your dream home.

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